Physical Therapy

Whether you are suffering from a recent injury, just had surgery or suffer from a chronic orthopedic condition we can help restore strength, function and physical well-being. Our team of professionally trained clinicians address joint mechanics, tissue restrictions and compensatory movement patterns that lead to injury.

Manual Therapy

“Hands-On” Treatment

Manual Therapy (MT) may include specific soft-tissue techniques, joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, passive or resisted stretching techniques to improve the mobility and function of joints, muscles and surrounding soft tissue.

The assessment process utilized in manual therapy combined with the treatment and the integration of an individualized program for each patient allows for improved outcomes for that patient. Our treatment plans are based upon a careful examination of the patient. We assess global movement patterns as well as local compensatory patterns, joint instability and decreased mobility. There is a continuous cycle of assessment, treatment, re-assessment, and further treatment based on the patient’s response to the therapy provided.

Sports Physical Therapy

Individualized Rehabilitation Programs

Whether you are rehabilitating after an injury or just had surgery our expert physical therapists are trained in the latest treatment techniques to take you from “table to turf” safely and effectively. Rest assured we will not only address joint mechanics, soft tissue restrictions and limitations due to pain but we will help restore your confidence as you progress through physical therapy.

Initially, you will begin by performing physical therapy exercises as prescribed by and following your physician or surgeon’s protocol. As you recover and get stronger we will begin to integrate your specific sports related skills into your program in our performance center. Know that as we prepare you for return to play in you sport, we will also be ensuring you are executing the proper movement mechanics to prevent recurrence of injury.

Senior Rehabilitation

The right plan for you

As we age and tend to move less we lose muscle and mobility. This in turn leads to restrictions in movement that leaves us at a higher risk of falling. Falling often results in injuries that not only affect the soft tissue but may cause joint injury or broken bones. At PARAGON Physical Therapy our dedicated staff works with each patient to develop a specific plan of care designed to return you to your previous level of function or better!

Our guided and personalized one-on-one physical therapy treatments provide you with the ability to do more than just perform daily living activities. Our therapeutic treatment and plan of care is designed to get you back to work and the recreational activities you enjoy by maximizing your functional capacity through increasing your strength, improving your flexibility, increasing your endurance and improving your balance.


Preventative Maintenance (for your body)

Preventing injuries before they happen is the goal with our custom “pre-hab” program. At PARAGON we will create an individualized program that will focus on addressing and correcting any asymmetries, imbalances and weaknesses discovered in your initial evaluation. Repetitive motions commonly occurring in sports and the workforce can cause injuries including muscle tightness, muscular imbalances, and decreased stability and proprioception. This can in turn lead to injury.

Throughout your program, we will work on your most vulnerable areas to ultimately prevent injury while also increasing your performance. Your program is designed by a physical therapist and will be continually progressed in order to provide you with the best outcomes.
Not currently covered by health insurance. Does not include manual therapy or modalities. Cost $199/mo

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Promote Healing & Restoration

After surgery, physical therapy is crucial for your recovery.
The benefits of physical therapy post-op not only include the reduction of pain and swelling but also promotion of healing, restoration of mobility and a faster recovery.

Recovery is a complex process. At PARAGON Physical Therapy our therapists utilize a combination of manual treatment techniques and modalities geared at assisting the healing process and restoring function. They will design a plan of care with careful consideration of your diagnosis, health and fitness level as well as your goals. Our expert team is there to maximize your recovery as you go through the various stages of healing and rehabilitation.

Myofascial Release

MFR is a safe and very effective technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and tension and restore motion in the body.

Fascial restrictions are very common. They will develop after injuries or surgery, as a result of poor posture and following trauma whether physical or emotional trauma. Yes, your body remembers trauma whether it is physical or emotional. Fascial restrictions will not only exert an enormous amount of pressure on the tissue it surrounds causing pain but will also limit range of motion, cause imbalances throughout the body as it pulls on tissue and contribute to chronic pain and “overuse” injuries.

MFR sessions are always one-on-one hands-on treatments. Through MFR we reduce pain and soreness, restore muscular length, improve blood and lymphatic flow and promote better posture.

Please note that MFR is not covered by most insurances and is an out of pocket expense. Talk to your therapist if you would like to schedule an appointment or click here to schedule your appointment.

Not covered by most health insurances. Cost: $75/half hour, $145/hour

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