Meet The Staff


Cheri Christie

Cheri is the founder of PARAGON Physical Therapy. She has been practicing physical therapy for over 25 years graduating from SUNY Downstate in 1993. PARAGON was born out of a desire to provide quality, individualized care to people in need. She has extensive experience as a physical therapist, athletic trainer and certified strength & conditioning specialist.
Cheri integrates her passion for manual therapy techniques and treatments with dynamic functional training programs to provide the best outcomes for all her patients.

Cheri has always been drawn to orthopedic and sports injuries. She started her career as an ATC, but quickly shifted into physical therapy where she felt she could make a greater impact with helping people. Cheri has treated everyone from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior and everything in between. She is passionate about helping people remain strong and healthy for life.

When not working Cheri enjoys spending time with her son and can often be found training with kettlebells. She loves the outdoors and has always loved all things beach.

Colleen Thomas

Colleen has over 20 years of experience caring for patients in an outpatient setting. Her passions include managing a variety of orthopedic and neurological dysfunctions by utilizing hands-on, manual techniques, addressing functional deficits, improving quality of life and returning patients to the activities they love to do.

Her special areas of interest include myofascial release, functional mobilization, neuromuscular re-education, postural and ergonomics training and self-management. When not working Colleen’s, favorite thing to do is spend time with her family. She is passionate about all thing’s ocean, but also loves camping, hiking and kayaking.

When she is unable to get out and enjoy the outdoors she enjoys reading, cooking and singing along to great music!