Our Philosophy


PARAGON Physical Therapy is devoted to supporting the physical as well as the emotional aspects of recovery and performance

Our Philosophy

Since opening in 2005, PARAGON Physical Therapy has prided itself on providing compassionate, knowledgeable, highly-skilled physical therapy services. We are a privately-owned physical therapy practice that focuses on patient-centric care, providing individualized “hands-on” manual therapy to reduce pain, and restore mobility and function. Your therapist will provide you with an individualized, multi-faceted physical therapy program following a comprehensive exam.

Our goal is to guide and promote healing while restoring your ability to return to a fully active and pain free life.

PARAGON Physical Therapy has the qualified staff necessary to help you transition back to sport and physical activity upon completion of your primary rehabilitation, whether you are rehabilitating post injury or post-surgery. We will also address lifestyle, work, diet, and exercise habits that may be affect your recovery.

We have BOC Certified Athletic Trainers, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists and Personal Trainers who will implement progressive strength training, speed agility and plyometric techniques into your program to help you return to your previous level of play and prevent future injury. Your program will be individualized to you and you sport. We put our focus on optimizing how well you move and perform.